The Red Hook Raider Award Recipient for 2015

Andy Singleton is the proud recipient of the Red Hook Raider Recognition Award this year.

In his words:

“I was truly humbled and honored to get Captain Kearon’s email, and just the consideration meant a lot to me. To now know that I will be receiving the award is overwhelming!

I actually got on the job in October of 2001, as a member of the first class after 9/11. Along with my mother, we were at Ground Zero for the first 24 hours, mostly spent in the quarters of E-10/L-10. She is a doctor, and we went as volunteers, clearing out 10 house’s kitchen for use as a triage. I wasn’t technically a fireman at the time, but I think that experience gave me a connection few other incoming probies ever had. While I didn’t get the chance to meet, or work, with Lt. Joe, Sal, Joe, Brian, Terry, Pat, or Tom, I have had the great fortune of getting to know the families of all.

I am proud to get this recognition, because it makes me feel as though I would have earned the approval of those seven men. The stories and tales of their achievements tells me that truly getting that approval didn’t come easy. Thank you for this honor.”

The previous awardees of the Red Hook Raider Recognition Award are:

  • 2014 . . . Chief Thomas Giordano
  • 2013 . . . Chief Edward Kearon
  • 2012 . . . Lt. Erik Knudsen
  • 2011 . . . Chief Jack Oehm
  • 2010 . . . Firefighter Eddie Davis
  • 2009 . . . Firefighter Tony Catapano

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