Jim Boylan

James (Jim) Boylan was a man dedicated to the service of our great city and country who served in the army during the Korean War and had a 27 year career with the FDNY. Jim was also a longtime member of the Knights of Columbus. Jim was also struck by tragedy three times in his life with the loss of two beloved wives and his daughter Laura. Yet through it all, Jim carried this heavy burden with humility and would not weigh you down with his loss. He was a genuine friend and a kind man who was sincerely interested in your life and did not hesitate to help you if he could in any way. Jim’s childhood friend, Father Phillip Blaine, said during his eulogy, “Jim was always a good guy and I do not mean that in a superficial way.” Anyone who met Jim just once came away with that same impression. He loved to share a laugh with you and always had a smile on his face when he met you. Jim’s well-rounded life made him an avid golfer and tennis player as well as a big fan of country music. Jim was also a graduate of Wagner College with a degree in business. Jim was a dedicated and stalwart supporter of The Maverick Foundation and a lifelong friend of The Gullickson Family.