Our Impact

Since its inception in 2002, the Maverick Foundation has positively impacted the community through providing educational scholarships to young people who commit to volunteer work with various local organizations. Their public service work is tied in with the Congressional Award program, which recognizes them for setting and achieving goals. These three major components come together to define the essence of what we do.

Scholarships Granted

The Maverick Foundation has awarded approximately $436,000, as of June 2019, in total scholarships. Annual scholarship awards started at $2,500 the first year with one recipient, and grew steadily to nearly $49,000 in annual awards by 2019 with a total of 57 recipients. We currently offer five scholarships annually with each having a maximum value of $7,000.

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The Maverick Foundation - Venn Diagram
Moore Catholic High School

Scholarship recipients Michelle DeTomaso, Victoria Vega, Jordan Marino, and Jessica Halter

Awards Photo

Scholarship recipients Michelle DeTomaso, Victoria Vega, Jordan Marino, and Jessica Halter

Community Service Commitments

Just as we have grown our scholarship program, our youth participants—including a few who are not scholarship recipients—have increased their community impact through volunteer hours completed. In a single year, our volunteers collectively give up to approximately 2,000 hours of their time to support local organizations. So far they have logged 11,700 hours in community service work, and this number continues to rise.

Our program strengthens cooperation in the community as well, as our scholarship recipients have worked with a diverse array of community groups and agencies over the years. Organizations our scholarship recipients have volunteered with include:

  • Staten Island Zoo
  • Eger Health & Rehabilitation Center
  • Saint Joseph – Saint Thomas Swim Team
  • Staten Island Friends for Hospice Care
  • Somerset County Medical Center
  • Staten Island Greenbelt Conservancy
  • New York City Police Department
  • Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
  • Staten Island Alzheimer’s Association
  • Snug Harbor Newhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art
  • Staten Island Project Homefront
  • Clove Lake Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center
  • Saint Teresa Basketball & Baseball Clinics
  • The Alice Austen House Museum
  • Special Olympics
  • Meals on Wheels

Congressional Awards Earned

All of our youth participants’ hard work has not gone unrecognized. They participate in the Congressional Award program, offered by the U.S. Congress, in which young people set their own goals and earn medals for realizing them.

So far, our rising stars have been awarded 22 gold medals, 29 silver medals, and 41 bronze medals through the Congressional Award Foundation. Each medal level involves creating goals in four major areas: public service work, personal development, physical activity, and exploration. For more details about our participation in the Congressional Award program, see this article.

“I’d like to congratulate Joseph Plescia for his outstanding commitment to volunteer public service. His selfless dedication to helping others makes him a leader among his peers and sets an example that I hope other Staten Islanders will follow. Completing over 400 hours of community service is no easy task, and he has truly earned his Congressional Award Gold Medal.” – Congressman Michael Grimm

Awards Photo

Kathleen Brim and Joseph Plescia with Rep. Michael McMahon in 2010

The Maverick Foundation congratulates the following medal earners on their latest accomplishments:

  • Danielle McLaughlin – Gold 2006
  • Mary-Kate Rose – Gold 2009
  • Christina Borovilas – Gold 2009
  • Kathleen Brim – Gold 2010
  • Joseph Plescia – Gold 2011
  • Michelle DeTomaso – Gold 2012
  • Victoria Vega – Gold 2014
  • Jessica Halter – Gold 2014
  • Jordan Marino – Gold 2015
  • Ryan Buraus – Gold 2015
  • Sarah Primiano – Gold 2016
  • Thomas Walsh – Gold 2016
  • James Borovilas – Gold 2016
  • Genevieve Bruen – Gold 2017
  • Santo Tiralosi – Gold 2017
  • Kristen Blanchard – Gold 2018
  • Frank Pizzella – Gold 2018
  • Peter Rotondo – Gold 2018
  • Madison Gorman – Gold 2019
  • Hannah Nyquist – Gold 2019
  • Kristen Brennan – Gold 2019
  • Jacqueline Sutera – Gold 2019
  • Kaitlyn Gullickson – Silver 2009
  • Vincent McLaughlin – Silver 2009
  • John Borovilas – Silver 2014
  • Christopher Clancy – Silver 2018
  • Emilie Lauria – Silver 2018
  • Jenna Carrera – Bronze 2017
  • Julia Calvo – Bronze 2018
  • Alana Genovese – Bronze 2018
  • Nicholas Wilson – Bronze 2018
  • Sophia Baldassarre – Bronze 2019
  • Amanda Fede – Bronze 2019
  • Patrick Golding – Bronze 2019
  • Sean Keag – Bronze 2019
  • Hailey Nyquist – Bronze 2019
  • Jason Mora – Bronze 2019
  • Francesca Pascale – Bronze 2019
  • Grace Schaaff – Bronze 2019
  • Sydney Xhunga – Bronze 2019
  • Meghan Leonard – Bronze 2019
Awards Photo

Kaitlyn Gullickson with Rep. Leonard Lance in 2009

Awards Photo

Michelle DeTomaso with Rep. Michael Grimm in 2011

“We’re here because of the rock star, Michelle DeTomaso. It’s not easy getting one of these awards. I want to say thank you for what you do and I hope that you will remain in our community working hard and making it a better community for all of us.”
– Congressman Michael Grimm

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