Congratulations to the Nine Congressional Award Medal Earners

On April 17th, The Maverick Foundation was very proud to have Congressman Max Rose present Congressional Award Medals at Moore Catholic High School (MCHS) to a group of well-deserving scholarship recipients who challenged themselves to reach their full potential in all areas of life including personal development, physical fitness and especially volunteer public service. They were also required to complete numerous expedition trips. These medals are not won. They are earned with commitment and hard work.

Seven Bronze and two Silver Medals were presented. This was by far the most ever in a single ceremony for The Maverick Foundation.

The Maverick Foundation - Medal Ceremony

The group in this picture completed over 1,400 hours of community service with organizations including the YMCA, Meals on Wheels, Staten Island Zoo, Saint George Theater, Camp Koala, JDRF, Zion Summer Camp, Blessed Sacrament Track Team, Saint Teresa’s CCD Program, Project Hospitality, and SHINEE. They also supported many park clean-ups, runs and walks for special causes, gave swim lessons for young kids, participated in an ice skating therapy program, baseball training for kids with special needs, and an animal rescue program. To see them as a group makes me very proud.

Congratulations to Amanda Fede, Jason Mora, Francesca Pascale, Hailey Nyquist, Jacqueline Sutera, Sean Keag, Nicholas Wilson, Meghan Leonard, and Grace Schaaff!

Congressman Rose said, “It is absolutely amazing to see all you have done and accomplished.”

The event was well attended by proud and gracious parents and other relatives.

There was a welcome surprise visit by FDNY Rescue 5.

The Maverick Foundation was established in 2002 to honor the memories of Joe Gullickson from the MCHS Class of 1982 who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11 with the FDNY and Dan McGuire from the MCHS Class of 1977, making it especially fitting to have the event at MCHS.

The Maverick Foundation thanks MCHS, especially Rose Anne Walsh, for allowing us to use their facility and setting up for the event.

Wishing everyone a happy and blessed Easter and Passover!

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