The Reason

Two tragic wrongs do not make a right, but The Maverick Foundation is trying while making the world a little better one young person at a time.

Joe Gullickson from Moore Catholic’s class of 1982 was an FDNY Lieutenant with Ladder Company 101 in Red Hook when he sacrificed his life at The WTC on September 11, 2001 while saving the lives of others.  Joe possessed a genuine concern for others and would do anything for anyone anytime. “No” was not in his vocabulary. FDNY Captain Tom Giordano said, “Joe was an exceptional officer, always learning, always teaching, and, above all, always looking out for his men.  I am proud to call Joe a brother, a hero, and a friend.”

Dan McGuire from Moore Catholic’s class of 1977 tragically lost his life in an automobile accident in September of 1976 at the age of 17. Dan was a natural leader and co-captain of Moore Catholic’s track team. He always gave 110% and was a true friend. His track coach, Bill Hodge, said, “If ever I was to have a son, Danny is like what I want my son to be. He had so many good attributes – he was tough, a fine athlete, and combined that with a sensitivity toward his fellow human beings.” Dan’s favorite motto was, “TO THE MAX.”

Jim McGuire, The Maverick Foundation Chairman, and Bob Gullickson, The Maverick Foundation President, were close friends with each other’s brother through elementary school and high school at Moore Catholic. We were inspired to establish The Maverick Foundation to honor the lives of our brothers and continue their legacy.

Joe & Dan’s Memorial Scholarship

The Maverick Foundation established “The Gullickson McGuire Memorial Scholarship” in 2002 that is a full scholarship annually to Moore Catholic High School for a special eighth grader who embraces the character and values of Joe and Dan, possesses the desire to help others, leads by example,  and is determined to reach his or her full potential. Recipients are challenged through The Congressional Award Program to perform 400 hours of community service, 200 hours of personal development, and 200 hours of physical activity that culminate in the recipient receiving the Congressional Award Program’s prestigious Gold Medal prior to graduating from Moore Catholic.

Terry’s Memorial Scholarship

The Maverick Foundation also annually offers the “Terry Sweeney Memorial Scholarship” to Saint Peter’s HS for a special eighth grader who embraces the character and values of Terry, possesses the desire to help others and make a difference, leads by example, and who is determined to reach his full potential.Despite being afflicted with a rare degenerative neurological disease while in high school that gradually denied him of his motor skills until it ultimately took his life, Terry had a radiant smile and a magnetic personality that defied his condition. He stayed involved with his passion for sports especially his beloved Saint Peter’s Eagles with its hallowed basketball heritage. Although confined to a wheelchair for his entire adult life, it did not prevent him from attending activities and events that had to have been difficult for him but you could never tell. Even in his last days when Terry could not speak or eat and the disease was really taking its toll, you could tell how happy he was to see you. His sense of humor was infamous not only to make a joke at your expense but his ability to even laugh at himself. You could really tell how special he was by how many true friends he had. To know him was to love him and anyone who came to know him was a better person. Terry “lived strong” long before the phrase was coined on a yellow rubber wristband. He never had the opportunity to pursue a career or get married and have a family but he never complained and always made the most of what he did have. Terry led by example without even knowing it.

The “Terry Sweeney Memorial Scholarship” is incentive-based and has a maximum value of $7,000 with recipients required to enroll with The Congressional Award Foundation and achieve the Bronze Medal by December of their sophomore year, the Silver Medal by December of their junior year, and the Gold Medal by December of their senior year. A scholarship in the amount of $750 will be made in September of each school year that is contingent upon consistent progress towards each Congressional Award Medal. In addition, a $1,000 scholarship will be awarded for obtaining the Bronze Medal, an additional $1,000 scholarship will be awarded for obtaining the Silver Medal, and a $2,000 scholarship for obtaining the Gold Medal.

Our Good Citizen Award Program

The Maverick Foundation’s “Good Citizen Award Program” seeks to recognize one special eighth grader from each Catholic Elementary School selected by either the principal or eighth grade teacher  who is an exemplary role model, regularly demonstrates respect for his or her classmates and teachers, is willing to help others, and has a worthy academic record especially regarding conduct and effort.

Please explore our website further to learn more about our mission and impact as well as our scholarships and good citizen award program.